Here's our Windows XP Tip for.. September 25, 2006
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Getting Rid of the Gunk
For many people, every day more and more empty folders with the extension .tmp appear in their temp directory. If this extra junk is causing disk space or performance issues for you, then check out the following

Run Notepad and enter the following as shown here. (Note that you should replace with your Widnows XP user name):

@echo off del C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Temp *.*

Choose File, Save As and locate a folder for the new file. Name the file deltmp.bat and save it. Next, run Windows Explorer and locate your start-up folder (under C:\Documents and Settings\\Start Menu\Programs\). Grab the deltmp.bat icon with the right mouse button and drag it to your start-up folder. Release the mouse button and choose Create Shortcut(s) Here.

Note that it's possible to lose some data when you use this batch file. For example, if a program hangs and you shut it down using End Task, you may have lost some data you needed in those temp files.