Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. September 26, 2006
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Numbering Paragraphs Automatically
If you've ever seen an official contract, you probably noticed that the paragraphs are all numbered. This is to make things easier for lawsuit-happy attorneys. Instead of quoting large portions of text, they can simply say, "Please refer to paragraph 12 of your contract."

To make things a little easier for the next attorney representing you, always number the paragraphs in all your official-type documents. Doing so automatically in Word is simple. Just select the paragraphs you want to number and choose Format, Bullets And Numbering. Click the Numbered tab, select an appropriate numbering format, and click OK. Word numbers your paragraphs for you.

Now, should you ever need to sub-number the paragraphs in your document with letters, select a paragraph and click the Increase Indent button on the Formatting toolbar. Word assigns the paragraph a subheading letter automatically.