Here's our Windows XP Tip for.. December 13, 2006
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Unneeded Templates
If you want to remove document templates from the New menu check this out. As you install more and more applications, you get more and more document templates. When you right-click the desktop and choose New after installing a lot of applications, the list can get very long.

This requires a Registry edit, so here are the usual warnings: Be very careful when editing the Registry--an incorrect entry can cause serious problems.

That said, click Start, Run, type in


and press Enter (or click OK). Navigate to HKey_Classes_Root. Let's say in your New list you have Word documents, Rich Text Format documents, bitmap files, Zip files, and so forth. Locate the matching extension for each of the file types you want to eliminate. For example, Word uses DOC, Rich Text Format is RTF, bitmap files are BMP, and Zip files are ZIP.

First, locate, say, BMP and double-click the extension folder to expand it. Click ShellNew and press Delete. Repeat for all the extensions you want to eliminate.

After you've deleted all the ShellNew sub folders that apply to your New list, choose Registry, Exit to close RegEdit. The changes take effect immediately--you don't need to restart the computer.