Here's our Windows XP Tip for.. March 14, 2007
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No Format?
Have you ever tried to format a floppy disk in drive A, but had no luck; but then found that it would work later? This has happened to us several times. We've also had Copy Disk fail.

The most likely reason for the problem you describe is that drive A is open when you attempt the format. To check this out, run Windows NT Explorer and select drive A. Insert a blank disk now (you don't want to mess up a data disk) and right-click the drive A icon. Choose Format; when the Format dialog box opens, click Start. The formatting will fail because the contents of the drive are currently displayed.

Now, click drive C in Windows NT Explorer. Go back to the drive A icon and right-click it again. Choose Format and then click Start. This time the Format will work.

The problem is that you can't do a Copy Disk Format while Explorer or My Computer is displaying the contents of your floppy. You can click any other object to stop displaying the contents of the floppy and then right-click drive A.