Here's our Hardware Tip for.. January 7, 2000
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Universal Serial Bus (Usb) Update--Part 3 of 4
In past tips, we mentioned that at least two companies, Anchor Chips and Belkin offer USB cables (called bridges) that let you easily connect two PCs via their USB ports. This lets you share files and printers and run some multiplayer games between the two systems.

We understand that there may be some confusion about these USB products. They are not meant to replace a LAN. First off, they only transfer data at about 4 Mbps rather than the 10- to 100-Mbps transfers of standard Ethernets. Additionally, you'll quickly load down your systems if you start to connect more than two PCs using this approach.

Generally, these USB bridges function best as quick and temporary connections--say, for transferring data between a notebook and a desktop. The bridges can also connect just two systems that need minimal file sharing. For anything more sophisticated, look for true LAN hardware.