Here's our Windows XP Tip for.. April 25, 2007
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Command Prompt with a Click
In a recent tip, we described a way to start an MS-DOS program by dragging its icon to the command prompt window. This time, let's look at another way to get to the DOS Prompt.

Run Windows Explorer and choose View, Options. When the Options dialog box opens, click the File Types tab. Now locate Folder and select it. Click Advanced, then click New. In the Action text box, type

Command Prompt

and in the Application Used To Perform Action box, type


Next click OK. Back in the Edit File Type dialog box, click OK again. When you get back to Options, click Close to close the dialog box and save your changes.

Now right-click a folder and choose Command Prompt to open a command prompt window at the folder's path. As an example, you might have a folder named Data on drive C. Right-click the folder and choose Command Prompt. The command prompt window opens with the path set to c:\Data.