Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. September 3, 2007
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Key Vista Shortcuts
One of the small joys of computer use is discovering a shortcut key that is so helpful you start using it every day. We've covered some of these in the past, but there are hundreds of shortcuts. Here are just a few:

Switch among applications: Windows-Tab or Alt-Tab.
Open the Start menu: Ctrl-Esc or Windows.
Go to the Quick Launch toolbar and launch a program: Ctrl-Esc, Esc, Tab, select with Arrow keys, Enter.
Minimize all open Windows and reveal the desktop: Windows-M or Windows-D.
Restore all Windows you previously minimized with Windows-M or Windows-D:
Shift-Windows-M or repeat Windows-D: Shift-Windows-M or repeat Windows-D.
Move within the Windows Desktop and select items: Tab, Arrow, Enter.