Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. January 20, 2000
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Announcing Your Mail
Ever since Tom Hanks kissed Meg Ryan at the end of the movie 'You've got mai,' I've had a bunch of people ask me how to set that up.

The nice thing is that it's no problem to have any WAV file announce your mail. However there's a good chance that the sound byte played in the movie is copyrighted by America Online. Even so, you can probably find a suitable sound on the Internet. Try searching for:


and see what you find.

Once you locate a sound you want to use, click Start, Settings, Control Panel. When Control Panel opens, double-click the Sounds icon. When the Sounds Properties dialog box opens, scroll down through the Events list and click New Mail Notification. Now, click Browse and locate your new sound file. Double-click its icon to select it as your new mail notification. Finally, click OK to close the Sounds Properties dialog box and apply your selection.

The next time you have new mail, you'll hear your new announcement--like in the movie.