Here's our Windows XP Tip for.. December 17, 2008
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Customize your Folder View in Windows Explorer
How many times have you wanted to view the detailed view of a folder or a thumbnail view and started cursing Windows Explorer? The good news is that there is an often over looked feature in Windows Explorer Folder Options that allows you to do that easily. Open up an Explorer Window. Set the view to the custom view you want to apply as a default for all folders i.e. Thumbnails, Tiles, Icons, List, or Details. Then just click on the Windows Explorer Tool Bar "Tool" Menu. Then choose Folder Options. Then choose View. Apply to All Folders. Now each time you open Windows Explorer your default view will be set to the exact view you like. If you want to change it back or to reset it to another custom view just go back to the Tools menu and choose Folder options and click View. Then click on Reset All Folders. That's it. If you really want total control over hundreds of features then download the worlds best Explorer Replacement and File Management Tool "Directory Opus". Need a better Windows Explorer? Click Here