Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. January 5, 2009
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Vista Power Tip Load Up On RAM, RAM and More RAM
Vista Power Tip LOAD UP On RAM, RAM and More RAM

By far, the best way to improve performance on your PC is to load it with as much RAM as your computer will allow. This holiday season RAM was super cheap. We purchased 4GB of Value Ram for about $40.00. The performance increases on Vista 64 were substantial. I had been having audio problems with Magic Jack, an amazing PC USB based service similar to Vonage ( Sounds were stuttering and breaking up. I was sure it was a Vista audio problem. However, after installing the extra RAM the stuttering disappeared completely and I was even able to plug Magicjack ( into a non-dedicated USB port and get excellent quality. (not recommended by the manufacturer). Applications like Outlook 2007 that used to lag now fly. If your PC has the extra RAM space -- load it with RAM. Even cheaper Value RAM will give you a wonderful computing experience. Just think how much stress you build up waiting for that 3 seconds each time you wait for an app to respond. Now imagine no more stress. At least from your apps! You can easily find affordable ram at and other deal sites. Just Google "Value Ram". Need a better Windows Explorer? Click Here