Here's our Windows XP Tip for.. April 9, 2009
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Why Can't I See My XP Machine From Vista? Could It Be The LLTD Problem?
After installing hundreds of software applications each year, I routinely wipe my aging but perfectful useful VAIO notebook running Windows XP. Recently after I updated to SP3 I found I couldn't see the Vista Machine and vice versa. I Googled the problem and quickly saw that there is a bug in Vista that requires a simple download to solve the LLTD problem. This may solve the problem for you but I found that the download was already part of SP3. I downloded the LLTD update but it refused to install saying "You already have the most recent version." So I'm still trying to troubleshoot my issue but this may resolve your problem if your Vista PC cannot see your XP PC and you haven't upgraded to SP3. Hopefully I will figure out the other issue and let you know what the issue is next week. Howard Sobel, WUGNET

The Microsoft Knowledgbase article explains the problem and you can download the fix here.