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XP and Vista Network Blindness Or Getting Out of Network Hell
I won't have to take a sledge hammer to my Windows Vista and XP machines after all. And it only took me several weeks of trial and error to figure this networking problem out despite searching the online discussion forums and technical boards.

The Solution and the Culprit? Microsoft's IPV6 implementation in Vista. For those of you who never bothered with Interne t protocols here’s description from Wikipedia. I won't bore you with the details here.

Wikipedia Article on IPV6 If you recall last weeks dilemma I was trying to get my Windows Vista machine to see the XP notebook. The Vista computer was running on a Corinex Powerline network while the XP Machine was using a standard wireless connection.

After checking out all the usual culprits i.e.: Firewall, File sharing, Workgroup name etc, I came to an insurmountable road block.

The other day while playing with the Corinex network again. I happened to click on IPV6 protocol and the help button in Vista. There in the help box was the answer suggested that one or the other protocol should be used and not both. For some reason both protocols were installed and active and while the internet connection was fine the networks were not discoverable. I simply deselected the IPV6 protocol and Voila the entire network map was back to normal. I hope this saves some of you out there weeks of frustration.


Howard Sobel, WUGNET