Here's our Windows 7 Tip for.. March 26, 2010
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Can you Upgrade Windows 7 Release Candidate to Retail Version?
Can you Upgrade Windows 7 Release Candidate to Retail Version? The good news is yes and it's simple. The bad news is that the Release Candidate was Windows 7 Ultimate which is the most expensive version for home users. You can only upgrade the Release Candidate to the Retail Ultimate Version.

Windows 7 RC started shutting down every two hours on March 1. This is annoying as you'll need to save your work since Windows won't do it automatically. On June 1, 2010, Windows 7 RC expires. Windows starts to a black desktop. You'll see a Windows Activation dialog box that says the version of Windows you're running is not genuine. Your PC will continue to restart every two hours. Windows won't save your work during shutdown.

If you do want to upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate (the top of the line for consumers) you can do an in place upgrade from the Windows 7 Release Candidate to Windows Ultimate and avoid installing all your software again and save lots of time.

The process is fairly simple:

  • Purchase a copy Windows Ultimate.
  • Copy the entire DVD to a new folder on your computer and remember the name.
  • Locate the Sources folder.
  • Locate the file name "cversion.ini". There are only three lines of text in this file. [HostBuild] MinClient=7233.0 WinServer=7100.0

  • Change the MinClient = number to a number less than the current version 7100. For example change it to MinClient=7000.0.
  • Save the file. Exit the
  • Sources directory.
  • Click on the setup.exe file and Windows 7 installation should start.

    Some notes: I found that I had to remove Itunes. The Windows Install didn't like the fact that I had authorized iTunes so I just uninstalled it. Rebooted and started again. The upgrade proceeded flawlessly.] I then reinstalled iTunes. You may find a a few apps identified by Windows which need to be uninstalled and reinstalled after the upgrade to complete a successful ugrade.