Here's our Windows XP Tip for.. July 29, 2010
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XP Users Now Get Speed Boost From Flash or SD Devices With eBoostr 4.0
By Howard Sobel, Site and Tip Editor According to recent stats Windows XP is the Operating System most people use. Released in 2001, XP still remains the most popular OS. Depending on which organization reporting these figures, Microsoft's Windows XP still hovers close to 60% of market share. That's a huge compliment to an OS that was released approximately 9 years ago. For those of you in the majority still using XP, you've been deprived of "Ready Boost" technology built into Windows Vista and Windows 7. ReadyBoost is a technology that uses flash memory, a single USB flash drives, SD card, CompactFlash, or external hard drive. It can also use portable flash mass storage as a drive for disk cache as long as it meets certain speed requirements. Enter, eBoostr 4.0. which brings these features and more to Windows XP users (also works with Vista and Windows 7). eBoostr is great for netbooks, as well as desktop PCs, or more powerful notebooks. For example, I used an open SD slot on my Acer netbook to set up a 4 gig cache. The performance gain was dramatic. On devices that don't lend themselves to adding more memory, this solution is simply elegant and inexpensive. It trumps Microsoft ReadyBoost with support for up to 4 flash devices giving you a potential to load up to 4 -4096 Gig caches. if you have one of those memory card readers you use that to load up all these 4 devices to work with eBoostr if your PC doesn’t have enough slots. Howard Sobel, WUGNET. (Image source) - You can download a trial version here.