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ZaggSparq 2.0 - Hunger for Power
Howard Sobel - WUGNET Reviews Editor

Many of you have propbably heard of Zagg. They make the top selling mobile device screen protectors sold at most super electronics retail stores and through kiosks at airline terminals and malls. If you want to preseve the new look and feel of your new phone it's a great idea to use them. But unless you followed the Zagg iPad giveaway last year you may not have heard of the ZAGGsparq 2.0. In short, it has all the power you need when your on the go with almost any device that uses a USB connecter for charging. ZAGGsparq 2.0 comes with two USB ports. One is optimized for faster charging. Zagg says the Sparq2 will charge a Ipad to 60% of capacity as fast as Apple's iPad charging unit. The Zagg can also provide about 4 charges to most smartphones. Now that's enough power to get you through a full day at the Consumer Electronics Show. The unit is 3.5 x 3.5 x 1 which is small enough to fit into your pocket (with a slight bulge), your backpack, briefcase or purse. The ZAGGsparq 2.0 has a built in plug which flips out for quick connect to a wall socket. It has 4 yellow led lights to tell you have much charge is left in the ZaggSparq when you push the round button below it. Highly recommeded for the road warrior.

ZAGGsparq 2.0 Features

  • Portable power: More than a simple extended battery, ZAGGsparq 2.0 carries multiple charges for any personal electronic device with you - including four full recharges for most power-hungry smart phones
  • On-the-go convenience: ZAGGsparq 2.0 fits easily in a pocket or bag, the perfect size for travelers and business people
  • Very compatible: ZAGGsparq 2.0 works with most USB charged gadgets, including cell phones, handheld gaming systems, digital cameras, and the AppleŽ iPadŽ (adapters for mini-USB to USB not included)
  • Charge multiple devices: ZAGGsparq 2.0 provides two USB charging ports: Optimized and General
  • Optimized: The top USB charging port is optimized for smart phones and other devices that are capable of taking an optimized charge, including AppleŽ's iPhone, iPadŽ and iPodŽ family of products.
  • General: The bottom port uses the standard USB specification and will charge devices that do not utilize the optimized USB charging specification.
  • Superior Engineering: ZAGGsparq 2.0 has been specifically engineered to charge AppleŽ's iPadŽ. It adds an additional 5 to 6 hours of video playback to the iPadŽ.

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