Here's our Windows 7 Tip for.. April 30, 2012
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How To Pin Windows Task Manager to the Windows 7 Start Bar
I’m often killing off unwanted tasks in Windows 7 to free up resources or just to trouble shoot. If you use the keyboard combinations CRTL-ALT-DEL it brings you back to the Blue Windows 7 Screen after a few seconds and one of the choices is “Task Manager”. This is a minor inconvenience. I f you want to make Task Manager easily available on your Start screen. Here’s what you do: Go to the start button and type in the search term “taskmgr.exe” (no quotes). You will see taskmgr listed first under programs or second under Control Panel. highlight and drag either one to your start menu and drop it.

Now you should have immediate access easily to taskmanager.exe without having to leave whatever you’re doing.

Howard Sobel, Tips Editor