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Swan Smart ADS-450 Ė Smart Video Security Monitoring That Is A No Brainer to Set Up
by Howard Sobel

Swan is right. The Swan Smartís ADS Ė 450 is marketed specifically for the novice or anyone who needs a turnkey solution to remote monitoring with an Internet protocol camera. An IP camera is basically a webcam or netcam that is used for remote surveillance. However, unlike a webcam, which can be set up by plugging into a USB port and installing the right software driver setting up an IP camera can be a bear if youíre not familiar with networking. If you wish to monitor from a remote location through the internet many cameras require you to set up complicated network settings to get around firewall and security networking issues. Youíll have to open up certain ports and possibly expose your computer to security risks.

This is where the SwanSmart solution shines. Itís so easy to setup and use for those with little experience with IP cameras. You wonít have to deal with complicated networking issues. The only special knowledge you need is how to connect to a WI-FI access point built into the camera and set a switch. Itís about as close as Plug Ní Play as you can get. I had this camera working correctly in about an hour including the time it took to find and download the apps and set up and place my camera and register my accounts on

This camera uses the Smart View app and services which is provided by ISecurity+, the same company that provides Seedonkís app. The first thing that you have to do is to tell the camera how to set up its Wi-Fi. The camera initially operates in an ad hoc mode. To setup the camera you want to turn make sure the camera is initially in the wireless mode (once configured youíll be setting it back to ad hoc mode by flipping a switch on the unit and turning off Local WI-FI). Then move your camera to a desirable spot near an electrical receptacle so you can plug the unit in. Turn on your iPhone or android device. Turn on Wi-fi. Let your iDevice or Android device scan for the camera SSID. Once it finds the SSID connect your smart phone to it. Then go back to the camera and turn off the Local WI-FI. Note: If you change the setup in the future a new SSID is always recreated when you set the camera up or add a new camera. Youíll need the correct SwanSmart app for your smartphone. Youíll find them in the Android store. The IPhone app is difficult to find on Itunes Iím guessing due to Itunes App store indexing of apps. There is a link on Swanís site but itís not easy to find. The Android app is found easily.

While testing this device, we happened to run into Tropical Storm ďSandyĒ and evacuate our home. The camera was focused on the front door looking outside. Incredibly, the power did not go out even though we had to evacuate our place in Southern Delaware. During the storm the SwanSmart periodically sent back camera shots when it was activated by motion detection. We were notified with a photo of our our neighbors when they peered through the front door to report on damage.

There are so many uses of this camera I fell in love with it. I was able to mount the camera in a high position so we could watch the dogs remotely. The camera connected remarkably fast through a 4G connection on the road and incredibly fast through AT&Tís LTE service. If youíre looking for an easy, elegant solution to remotely monitor a room look no further!


I would recommend this unit to anyone who is looking for an easy to install solution. Itís an incredibly elegant and simple to set up solution for remote monitoring and motion detection. Supports photo, video, and sound detection connecting through a web portal included service. This solves the need to set up complicated networking scenarios on your computer.


Camera does not have the capability to rotate to different positions but this is not a deal breaker if you mount the camera with included mounting bracket in a spot that can capture a good view of a room.

The SwannSmart WI-FI Network Camera is the first consumer-friendly IP camera. Designed with Cloud-based technology to eliminate the traditional difficulties inherent in network cameras, the SwannSmart provides superior functionality and accessibility for 24/7 peace of mind.

The SwannSmart (ADS-450) harnesses the power of the cloud to free you from the constraints of a traditional IP camera. Thereís no complicated network set up required and your video feeds can be viewed from any PC, iPhone or Android device, anywhere in the world.

  • The SwannSmart (ADS-450) is compatible with the iSecurity+ suite of mobile apps to provide fast, easy access to video feeds and camera management tools directly from any iPhone, iPad or Android-based device, or from any computer with a Flash compatible web browser.
  • The SwannSmart (ADS-450) camera utilizes 802.11n wireless technology to enable easy installation anywhere a WI-FI signal is available Ė making it easy to monitor parking lots, outdoor areas, or rooms without a readily available Ethernet connection and free from the cost and difficulty of running new wire.
  • SwannSmart (ADS-450) features a state of the art technology to allow unparalleled surveillance in any condition, 24/7. View crystal clear videos day and night with 8 built-in infrared LEDs for night vision.