Here's our Reviews Tip for.. October 3, 2013
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How to Turn off data mode from LTE mode to Save Power on Android using AT&T
4G LTE is lightening fast and it's a big battery buster. If you want to throttle down on an Android device it's fairly simple for a novice to make the changes from Android's settings. I've only tested this with AT&T but it probably works the same with other carriers like Verizon. Double click the home button. Click the left hand bottom menu button and bring up "Settings". Click "Settings". Choose "More Settings".Click "Mobile Networks". Click "Access Point Names". Press the Android hard button on the left bottom side of your device. You will see + NEW APN. Click it. Choose a name. Enter a name. go back. Choose "APN". Enter a name like Click OK. Now go back. In your list of APN's you should see the existing one in my case ATT Phone and the new one which you just created which I called Cingular. (ATT Wireless used to be called Cingular). Now your phone will function in 4G mode but shut down your data connection. You will notice that LTE no longer appears and your data and battery consumption will be reduced. You will no longer be able to browse or do data driven applications like Facebook, Browsing or Email. So remember to go back to the APN menu and switch back to AT&T (or your Carriers default/original setting). This will return you to LTE mode. Calls can still be made in the 4G mode although I have found that the quality is sometimes not as good as LTE.