Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. January 31, 2000
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Adding Buttons To The Toolbox
The Toolbox is a special toolbar that's available during Design view. It stores the different controls that you can add to your forms and reports. Access 2000 users can now customize their Toolbox and get instant access to the design tools you need.

In Design view, display the Toolbox and click the white triangle in the left corner of the Toolbox's title bar. Doing so opens a list of all the Toolbox's current controls. Deselecting a control deletes that control from the Toolbox. As you might expect, selecting a deselected control adds that control to the Toolbox. In addition, you can open the Toolbox and customize it now, just as you would any other toolbar. If you decide you don't like your changes, you simply select the Reset option to return the Toolbox to its default condition.