Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. February 3, 2000
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Changing A Link's Icon
If you use them often, you might want to drag some of your most often used URLs to the Links bar. But you'll notice that the problem with that is that all the icons are the same. Have no fear, because we've found a way to change a URL's icon.

There certainly is. To change a link's icon, run MSIE4 and right-click the link you want to change. When the menu is open, choose Properties. In the Properties dialog box, click Internet Shortcut (if necessary). Now, click Change Icon. When the Change Icon dialog box opens, select a new icon and click OK. If you don't see an icon you like, click Browse.

Now, locate the icon you want to use and double-click it to close the dialog box. When you get back to the Change Icon dialog box, click OK. In the Properties dialog box, click OK to save your changes and dismiss the dialog box. The new icon will appear the next time you run Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.