Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. February 10, 2000
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These Are A Few Of My Favorites Icons
When adding a site to your Favorites, you may have noticed that the site displays its own icon. As an example, you could bookmark the following site:

Just surf to the site, then press Ctrl-D to add it to your Favorites. You'll see a sailboat icon (the Northern Light Search logo) in your Favorites menu. What gives?

This new feature of Internet Explorer 5 displays the site's icon when you download an ICO file from the Web site you are viewing to a folder on your hard drive.

If you object to this small bit of advertising on your browser, here's a way to remove it. Right-click the icon and choose Properties. Select the Web Document tab, then the Change Icon button from the dialog box that appears. Select a new icon and click OK twice to save your changes.