Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. February 14, 2000
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Adding A Folder To The Outlook Bar
In a previous tip, we showed you how to add a file or document to the Outlook Bar, that handy area on the left side of your Outlook desktop that gives you quick access to whatever is there. Today, we'll show you another way to add a folder.

Choose the shortcut group to which you want to add the folder (like My Shortcuts or Other Shortcuts). Right-click the Outlook Bar (not on a folder icon) and choose Outlook Bar Shortcut. You'll be presented with the Add To Outlook dialog box. Click on the list next to Look In, and choose Outlook if you're adding an Outlook folder or File System if you're adding a folder from somewhere else on your hard drive.

Choose the folder from the Folder Name list (or type it in). Click OK. Now, isn't that easy?