Here's our Hardware Tip for.. March 3, 2000
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Getting The Most Out Of Technical Support--Part 4 of 4
Avoid calling technical support on Monday mornings. Surveys say this is the busiest time for technical support phone centers. Also, listen carefully to the "traffic warnings" that some phone centers provide for customers on hold. If you hear that the current average hold time is 20 minutes or longer, consider hanging up and trying again at a later time unless your situation is critical.

And finally, don't hang up once you do get talking to a human being. Most phone centers classify "throughput" (the number of calls answered in a given time) differently from "closings" (calling back those people who require additional assistance). The support staff person you are dealing with may or may not be good at closing problems. However, if you refuse to hang up until he or she has solved your problem, the burden remains on the tech staffer to resolve your situation as quickly as possible.