Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. March 6, 2000
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Information On ADO
If you're still waiting for the ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) train, you may find yourself left at the station! ADO isn't just for developers anymore. Access 2000 (and Office 2000) includes an enhanced version of ADO, which will most likely become the model of choice (among serious developers, it already is).

ADO was designed as a client-server system and should seriously increase usage of Microsoft products in Internet applications, because ADO can access many types of data--not just relationship database data. Now you can use ADO to access Web pages, spreadsheets, and documents. Eventually, ADO will replace DAO and RDO, which access only relational databases.

You can learn more about ADO and how it fits into your future database needs by visiting these Web sites:

Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects at

OLE DB Technology at