Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. March 9, 2000
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Escape From Internet Explorer 5
No matter how slow your connection, when you accidentally start to open a page (say, when you've entered the Web address incorrectly), it's always just fast enough to start loading before you can click the stop button. OK, maybe it's not groundbreaking news, but many folks don't realize that the Esc button does the same thing as the Stop button on the Standard toolbar.

Here's another example: When a page is loading but appears to stall, the first thing you should do is halt the page transfer and try the page again. Press the Esc button, then reload the page. Oftentimes, restarting the transfer downloads the page more quickly. In some cases, the problem may result from network traffic or a slow or overburdened Web server. In these cases, there's not much you can do. But restarting the transfer will often get you where you're going more quickly.