Here's our Hardware Tip for.. March 10, 2000
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Desktop Trends: Slim And Small--Part 1 of 3
One of the latest desktop trends is cutting down on the physical footprint of a system so that it takes up significantly less space on top of (and even underneath) the desk. Unfortunately, this trend strikes fear into the hearts of hardware upgraders--and rightly so. While systems like the new Gateway Profile are futuristic-looking and inherently cool, they do nothing to stop the ever-shortening cycle of obsolescence that plagues desktop computer owners. If a desktop is not upgrade-friendly, it will quickly lose value and usefulness. Over the next few days I'll pass along hints to help you keep these new slim and small systems useful for more than five or six months.

First, buy as much RAM as you can afford when you first purchase a slim and small desktop. The Gateway Profile, for example, has only 2 DIMM slots for RAM. Thus, you have to "give to get" and have to throw out the stock 64MB module of RAM later if you decide to upgrade to the Profile's maximum 256MB of RAM.