Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. September 6, 1999
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Recolor My World
We've had this question come from one or two readers. It involves recoloring clip art files that have been inserted into PowerPoint presentations. They've noticed that once inserted, they cannot consistently recolor the images and have wondered why. It involves the ungrouping of the images. Hang on while we explain...

Unfortunately, when you ungroup a ClipArt picture, you can no longer recolor it. Let's say you insert a picture, then select it, and choose Draw, Ungroup. When you do this, you get a dialog box warning you that you are converting the object to a PowerPoint drawing. Once the object is converted to a PowerPoint object, you can't use the Recolor command.

The trick here is to recolor the picture before you delete the unwanted portions. If you want to recolor an object, insert the picture and then right-click it and choose Recolor. Recolor the picture and then select it and choose Draw, Ungroup. Now, you can delete what you don't need