Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. April 24, 2000
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Removing Backgrounds From Images
Tired of that annoying white background that sometimes shows up behind your scans and other bitmap images? Let PowerPoint get rid of it for you.

First, click the image to select it. Usually, as soon as you select the image, the Picture toolbar appears, but if not, choose View, Toolbars and click Picture on the pop-up menu. Next, click the Set Transparent Color button on the Picture toolbar (it's the second one from the right), and the cursor changes to match the picture on the button. Then, click on the background area of your picture and it becomes transparent.

Sometimes only part of the background becomes transparent, leaving you with a rather unattractive mottled effect. When you click an image with the Set Transparent Color tool, it figures out the color of the image pixel you clicked on and makes all the other identically colored pixels in the image transparent. Pixels that aren't the exact same color won't be affected, which can give you a mottled effect if the image background isn't one solid color. To fix this, open the image in a paint program and make sure that the entire background is a single color, then re-import the image into PowerPoint.