Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. October 7, 1999
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Make FrontPage Express Your Default HTML Editor
FrontPage Express is the free HTML editor that comes with Internet Explorer. You can use it to edit and create your own web pages. If you want to make it your default HTML editor, you'll have to follow this procedure.

To change your default HTML editor, you have to tell Windows 95/98 what you want to do. So, open My Computer and choose View, Folder Options. When the Folder Options dialog box opens, click the File Types tab and locate HyperText Template in the Registered File Types list box. Select it and then click Edit. Next, click New and type in the Action text box edit Press Tab to move to the Application Used To Perform Action text box and type (with the quotation marks)

"c:\Program Files\FrontPage Express\Bin\fpxpress.exe"

Note: This is the default location for this file--if you used a different location, click Browse, locate Fpxpress.exe, and select it. Now, click OK to close the dialog box and save your settings. Back in the Edit File Type dialog box, click Close. Then, in the Folder Options dialog box, click Close again.

To check out your new setting, right-click an HTML file and choose Edit. FrontPage Express should open with the file loaded.