Here's our Hardware Tip for.. October 8, 1999
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Kids and Computers - Part 1 of 5
Are your children already involved in computing? With the help of their parents, children are starting to work with computers at younger and younger ages. While it's easy to find volumes of information about software for kids, you'll have to search far and wide before finding information about the hardware setups most appropriate for children. Over the next few days, we'll mention some tips to keep in mind when setting up a kid-friendly computer.

First, the right mouse is vital to a child's computing experience, and your regular adult mouse is almost certainly inappropriate. Mouse devices were designed for the fine motor control of the adult wrist and fingers. Children's control of their wrists and fingers is still developing at younger ages, so most kids would end up using their whole arm to move your mouse. They'll find this action both tiring and frustrating.

A more appropriate pointing device for children is a trackball-style pointer, like Logitech's Marble Mouse or Microsoft's EasyBall Mouse. A trackball lets a child move the pointer with a minimum of arm movement.