Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. October 18, 1999
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An Alternative to Joining Cells
If you want to create a centered title, you can do it by using the Merge and Center Cells button on the Formatting toolbar. It works, but we get letters from people who have trouble undoing merged cells or extending merged cells to span over more columns. So here's an alternative way to center titles that skips the whole merged cell thing:

1. If your Drawing toolbar isn't displayed, right-click any toolbar and choose Drawing from the shortcut menu. 2. In the Drawing toolbar, click the Draw button and choose Snap + To Grid. 3. Still in the Drawing toolbar, click the Text Box button. 4. Using the worksheet grid as your guide, draw a box that spans the columns of data you want to title. 5. Click the Center Text button to center the text and type your title; format the text any way you like. 6. If you like, remove the border from the text box: With the text box selected, choose Format + Text Box. In the Format Text Box dialog box, click the Colors and Lines tab; under Line, set Color to No Line; and then click OK.

If you change the size of your rows or columns, this box changes size with them. And if you add a column to your data, you can simply resize the box to cover the new column.