Here's our Tip for.. October 10, 1997
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NT 4.0
NT has a couple of cool Easter eggs (those little, hidden routines tossed into the OS by the programmers when they had spare time on their hands ). Start NT 4.0's 3D Text (OpenGL) screen saver module by selecting Properties from the Desktop's Context menu and clicking on the Screen Saver tab (Alternately, select the Display applet in Control Panel). Select 3D Text (OpenGL) from the list and click on the Settings button.

From here you can type any one of three different words or phrases to see three different effects.

Type I love NT, select OK and click on the Preview button, and the screen-saver text will say, good? If you type not evil, a 3D screen saver will display the names of Windows NT 4.0 programmers. If you type volcano, you'll see the names of volcanoes in 3D.