Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. October 27, 1997
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Restore Your Ratings
When you run Internet Explorer, you may receive an error message stating that your Content Advisor configuration information is missing, or that someone may have tampered with it. When you click on OK, Internet Explorer can no longer access the Internet. This occurs when the ratings system has been enabled and the resulting RATINGS.POL file is missing or damaged.

To create a new RATINGS.POL file, first close Internet Explorer. The RATINGS.POL file should exist in the \WINDOWS\SYSTEM folder, rename it to RATINGS.OLD. At this point, it may even be a good idea to restart your machine. Next, start Internet Explorer and click on View, Options. Click on the Security tab, and then on the Settings button in the Content Advisor area. You'll immediately know if you were successful when you see the original Create Supervisor Password window (shown below). Type in the Supervisor password and click on OK. Select the Ratings options that meet your needs and click on OK. When you restart Internet Explorer, the new changes will take effect. Once everything is back and functioning to your liking, you can go back and delete the RATINGS.OLD file.

(Note: You must be able to view hidden files to view the RATINGS.POL file. To do so, click on View, Options from My Computer or Windows Explorer, click on the View tab, then select Show All Files and then click on OK.)