Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. November 24, 1997
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Start Programs when you open files
You can use Internet Explorer to open files in their associated applications just like you can in Windows 95 Explorer. To start a program when you open a particular type of file within Internet Explorer:

On the View menu, click Options.

Click the Programs tab, and then click File Types.

If you want to open a new type of file that Internet Explorer doesn't yet recognize, click New Type. If you want to change the program that starts when you open a certain type of file, click the type, and then click Edit.

Type a description for the file type, and then specify its content type and extension.

To define a new action for this file type, click New. To modify an action for an existing file type, click the command that you want to modify, and then click Edit.

Specify the action that you want to define, such as Open or Print, and the program that should complete this action.