Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. September 9, 1999
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Choosing a New Internet Explorer Search Engine
If you use Windows 98, you can install Tweak UI and use it to choose a new automatic search engine. You'll find this option on Tweak UI's General page under Internet Explorer.

For those of you with Windows 98, here's how to install Tweak UI. Insert the Windows 98 CD into the CD-ROM drive. When the opening dialog box appears, click Browse This CD. Now, double-click the Tools folder and then double-click the Reskit folder. Next, double-click the Powertoy folder. Finally, right-click Tweakui.inf and choose Install.

After Tweak UI installs, click Start--Settings--Control Panel. When Control Panel opens, double-click the Tweak UI icon. When the Tweak UI dialog box opens, click the General tab. Now, click the arrow to the right of the Search Engine list box and select a search engine that you would like to use. Click OK to close the dialog box and apply the new setting.

The next time you run Internet Explorer, you can use your new search engine. Just go to the Address bar and type

? (Space) [your search word]

For example, if you want to search for new automobiles, you would type

? automobiles

and press Enter. IE 4 will use your newly selected search engine to locate occurrences of automobiles.

Tweak UI will do much more than this, so take some time to look through its pages.