Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. December 8, 1997
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Security certificates
There are two different types of certificates, personal and Web site. A personal certificate is used when you send personal information to a client authentication server that requires a certificate. For example, a personal certificate would contain information such as your username and password. A Web site certificate is used when a secure Web site sends Internet Explorer a certificate that provides certain information about security for that Web site. A certificate is issued to a particular organization for a specific period of time. When you try to open that organizationís Web site, Internet Explorer verifies the Internet address stored in the certificate and that the current date precedes the expiration date. If not, Internet Explorer can display a warning. For example, a Web site certificate would contain information verifying that the site is secure and genuine. This ensures that no other Web site can assume the identity of the original secure site.

To view the security certificates you have in effect, open View, Options and click the Security tab. Click any of the three option buttons, Personal, Sites or Publishers for more detailed information about these certificates.