Here's our Windows NT Tip for.. August 4, 1997
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Activating Command Line Completion
Under Windows NT 4.0 (sorry Win95 fans) fire up REGEDIT and go to the key "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor". There is a value in this key called CompletionChar which controls which key activates the command line completion funtions. The value you should enter is the ascii code (in hex) of the key you want to use. I use 9 (the tab key) so that it functions just like good old UNIX. If the key or value doesn't exist, simply create it.

Now instead of typing "cd C:\Program Files\Internet Mail and News", just type cd c:\p and hit the tab key. It completes to "C:\Program Files" complete with proper capitalization and enclosing quotes. Now just add \i (no need to get rid of the trailing quotation mark) and hit tab again. The first choice to come up will be Internet Explorer, but just hit tab again and it will cycle to the next choice which is the one we want. Viola! Over 40 characters of command line with only a few keystrokes!

- Thanks to Tim Reczek for this one! WARNING!! This is a REGISTRY HACK! And as such, you MUST FIRST make a backup of your Registry so that you can recover from any mistakes you might make. The Registry is a very unforgiving place if you don't know EXACTLY what you are doing. An incorrect Registry entry can render your entire system INOPERABLE. DO NOT attempt to change Registry settings without a Backup. Don't say we didn't warn you...