Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. August 23, 1997
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Change your font size
If you're having trouble reading the fine print in Internet Explorer, or if the type is just too big, you can change the displayed font size to suit your preference.

There are several ways to do this. First way is to go to the menu and select View, Fonts, and select between Largest, Large, Medium, Small and Smallest. Alternately, you can use your speed key combinations of:

[Alt]+[V]+[R] for Largest

[Alt]+[V]+[L] for Large

[Alt]+[V]+[M] for Medium

[Alt]+[V]+[S] for Small

[Alt]+[V]+[A] for Smallest

There's another way, but you'll need the toolbar turned on to see this one. The toolbar can be turned on by going to the menu and selecting View, then making sure there's a checkmark next to Toolbar. If there isn't, click it once to select it. Now that it's on, look down the toolbar for the Font button. Clicking this button cycles through the various font sizes from Smallest to Largest.