Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. November 20, 1998
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Web Subscriptions
Internet Explorer 4.0 introduces new ways to view Web content. You can use these features to have Internet Explorer check your favorite Web sites for new content, according to the schedule you specify. Then you can choose to either be notified that there is new content available or have the updated content automatically downloaded to your hard disk (for example, at night or when your computer is idle) so you can view the pages at your convenience. This is also called "subscribing" to a Web site.

You can schedule daily, weekly, or monthly updates for all of the Web sites you subscribe to or for individual sites. After you've set up your subscriptions, you can view your favorite Web sites offline at your leisure.

To subscribe to a Web site:

  • Open the Web page you want to subscribe to.
  • On the Favorites menu, click Add to Favorites.
  • Click Yes, but only tell me when this page is updated or Yes, notify me of updates and download the page for offline viewing.
  • If you want to specify your schedule, delivery, and notification options, click Customize to use the Web Site Subscription wizard.