Here's our Hardware Tip for.. May 5, 2000
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Shopping for an Internet PC--Part 1 of 3
PC makers are scrambling to come up with the next big thing. With all the competition driving prices lower and lower, PC computer manufacturers are no longer making much profit selling standard systems, so they're brainstorming like mad to come up with new and interesting products to entice consumers.

One avenue many PC makers are taking is production of Internet or Web-ready PCs, such as Dell's WebPC. These small, futuristic-looking systems are popping up all over the marketplace.

First, check the price. If systems like Dell's WebPC at

are an indication, you'll pay a premium for the easy setup, stylish designs, and all-in-one-box construction. If you priced a similarly configured (meaning processor speed, RAM amount, hard drive size, and so on) traditional PC, you'll generally find it's the same price or cheaper than the Web-ready PC. You'll have to decide for yourself if futuristic styling is worth extra money.