Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. November 6, 1998
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Adjust your font size
Do you find yourself squinting at tiny print on one site, then needing to scroll every other sentence to get through the text on another? If your eyes could use a break, you'll be glad to know you can adjust the font size from site to site. With IE 4, hold down the [Alt] key and press [V][N], then [G] for the Largest font size. [Alt][V][N][A] will bring you the Smallest font. Your other options include Larger [L], Medium [M], and Smaller [S]. The only difference Between IE4 and IE 3.0 in this repspect is that [R] denotes Largest font in IE3.0.

Alternately, you can select your font size from the menus under View, Fonts.