Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. October 23, 1998
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Add a signature in Outlook Express
You can append a signature to your Outlook Express e-mail messages or newsgroup postings. Run Outlook Express and choose Tools, Stationery. When the dialog box opens, click the Mail tab. Now click Signature. Type in whatever you want to conclude your messages.

Now you need to decide whether to apply the signature to all messages or only to certain ones. If you want to apply it to all messages, select Add this signature to all outgoing messages and click OK. Back in the Stationery dialog box, click Apply and then OK. You can test the signature now by clicking Compose Message. If you elected to use the signature in all messages, it will now appear in the message body.

If you decide to use the signature on selected messages, click the body of the message and then choose Insert, Signature. The signature that you entered will appear in the message.

This works the same way for newsgroups. Choose Tools, Stationery again. This time, click the News tab and then click Signature. Follow the procedure described above to add a signature to your newsgroup postings.

Alternately, you can direct the Signature option to look for a .TXT file. Back in the Stationery dialog box, just select File instead of Text, and point it to your signature text file.