Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. July 29, 1999
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MSN Messenger is here!
Just this week, Microsoft released a great IE5 add-on called MSN Messenger Service. MSN Messenger is a free service. Get it now and have instant conversations with your friends online.

MSN Messenger Service works well with many of your favorite communication tools, including Internet Explorer 5, Outlook Express 5, Hotmail, and NetMeeting. After installing MSN Messenger Service, you can click a button in Internet Explorer 5 to chat with your friends about a Web site that you found, or check your friends' online status and send them real-time messages from within Outlook Express 5. You can even invite someone you are chatting with to set up a full Internet conferencing session using NetMeeting.

With MSN Messenger Service, you can:

  • See when your friends are online - whether they use MSN Messenger Service or AOL Instant Messenger.
  • Send and receive instant messages in real time with one or more of your friends.
  • Enjoy easy-to-follow exchanges by being able to tell when someone in the conversation is typing.
  • Easily control who can see when you're online and who can send you instant messages.
  • Be automatically notified when you receive new messages in your Hotmail e-mail account.
  • See when your friends are online and send them an instant message using Outlook Express 5.

Learn more about the MSN Messenger Service.

Go directly to the MSN Messenger site and Download MSN Messenger for FREE at: