Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. October 9, 1998
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Turn any Folder into a Toolbar - Part 2
In an earlier tip we told you about how to Turn any Folder into a Toolbar, but here's another way to do it that you might not know.

Open Any Explorer window, find the folder that you want to turn into a Toolbar, then simply click and drag it to any screen edge. Instant Toolbar!

If you drop it onto the taskbar, then that's where the new toolbar will be created, but if you drop it on the left, right, or top edge of the screen, that's where it will dock.

You can still manuever it by grabbing the toolbar "handle" (that little grey vertical or horizontal line at the beginning of the toolbar) and move it somewhere else, even dropping it to a floating window on the desktop.

To turn a toolbar off, just right-click the toolbar handle, and select Close.