Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. September 8, 1998
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Save All - Close All in Word
If you regularly work with more than one document in Word, especially if it's many documents at once, you already know how much if a pain it is every time you want to save the day's work and close all those open documents. Well, there's an easier way, only it's not entirely obvious.

Whenever you have more than one document open in Word, you'll find that you have two new commands on the File menu. The commands are Close All and Save All. The problem is, they won't appear on the menu until you hold down the Shift key and choose File from the menu.

You can hold down Shift and choose File, Save All to save all the currently open documents, then Close All to shut them all down with one click. This can be a bit of a time saver, especially when you have a large number of named documents. Any documents that haven't been saved before will prompt you for a name.