Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. July 13, 1998
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Draw your own tables
Creating tables in Word is as easy as drawing them. Word's Draw Table tool lets you create and customize tables. You use this intuitive drawing tool much the same way you use a pen to draw a table.

From the Standard Toolbar, click the Tables and Borders icon to open the Tables and Borders toolbox.

Click the Draw Table tool, then just click and drag horizontally to draw the shape of the whole table first, then draw the table boundaries and cell partitions. You can now make individual cells any height and width you want.

Click the Eraser tool to easily remove any cell, row, or column partition to achieve the same effect as merging two cells. In earlier versions of Word, you could only merge cells if they were in the same row. In Word 97, you can merge any adjacent cells - vertically or horizontally.