Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. January 2, 1998
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Going back just got easier!
You know what it's like. You're roaming through web sites to arrive at the information you set out to find, then you decide to go back to a previously visited page. So you click the Back button, again and again to find what you need. A real pain isn't it? Well - this chore just got easier.

Like its predecessor, IE3, you still have the standard "tooltips" - so that when you move the mouse over the Back button you get a glimpse of the last place you visited. Fortunately, Internet Explorer 4.0 introduces a new feature that saves you many clicks and even more time. See the small arrow just to the right of the Back button? Click it. You'll see a list of pages you've viewed, then you can just click the one you want. You can also display this list by right-clicking the Back button.