Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. January 5, 1998
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The Office Assistant(s)
If you're new to Office 97, chances are you could use a helping hand now and then. Luckily for you, you may not have to look any farther than one of Office's best features - the Office Assistant.

The Office Assistant is a full-time friend assigned to keep an eye on you while you work, offering advice as needed, and even staying out of your way when its help isn't necessary. It's even smart enough to know when you're trying a feature for the first time - and it asks if you'd like help with the new task! You can activate the Assistant by clicking on the Office Assistant icon on the main toolbar - or by using the F1 key. Once loaded, the Assistant is ready to lend a hand - just double-click on it to ask it any question, in plain straightforward sentences! A right-click on the Assistant reveals choices to change Options or even Choose a new Assistant, including such noteable personalities as Power Pup, Hoverbot, William Shakespeare, Albert Einstein or the default, Clippit - the talking paperclip. Your Assistant can even be resized by grabbing and edge or corner just as you would any window.

If you didn't install the Office Assistant originally you still can. Here's how:

1 Insert the Office 97 CD and run SETUP.EXE from the CD. 2 Once Office senses it's already installed you should see a menu offering several choices including Add/Remove, Reinstall and Remove All. Click Add/Remove. 3 Scroll down to Office Tools, click it, then click Change Option. 4 Place a checkmark next to the option called Office Assistant - click OK.