Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. January 9, 1998
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IE4's Active Desktop
Without a doubt, one of the biggest new features of Internet Explorer 4.0 is the Windows Desktop Update, also known as Desktop Integration, or "Active Desktop". You'll see this option during the initial installation asking whether or not you want the Windows Desktop Update to be installed.

This option converts your current Desktop into a direct extension of the Internet itself, allowing for Active Content (Channels), single-click access to your Desktop items (icons become HTML Hyperlinks), QuickLaunch bars and more. Essentially, with Active Desktop, your Desktop and all of your Explorer folders become Web Pages. If you choose to NOT install the Windows Desktop Update, you'll retain your current desktop settings and you can always choose to add it later via Add/Remove Programs.

Adding or Removing the Windows Desktop Update: To add or remove the Windows Desktop Update, carry out the following steps:

1 In Control Panel, double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon.

2 Click Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, and then click Add/Remove.

3 To remove it, click Remove the Windows Desktop Update component but keep the Internet Explorer 4.0 Web browser.

4 To add it, click Add the Windows Desktop Update component from Web site, and then follow the instructions on the screen.