Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. January 19, 1998
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Clean up earlier versions of Office
So you have an earlier version of Office still installed and you want to upgrade to Office 97 - or maybe you already installed Office 97 without uninstalling that copy of Office 95 or Office 4.x first. How do you uninstall that old Office now?

Easy. Microsoft Office comes with the Microsoft Office Upgrade Wizard, a utility designed to seek out and clean up all traces of earlier versions of Office, even if Office 97 is already installed.

Look on the Office 97 CD in the Valupack folder for another folder named OffClean. Double-click Offcln97.exe to launch the Office Upgrade Wizard.

It can be run at any time, either before of after installing Office 97 and best of all, it won't harm any of your saved data files.